Cones or Cups


Hand-scooped cones or cups are available in Chocolate, Vanilla, and the Flavor of the Day.

  • Single: $1.85
  • Double: $3.48
  • Triple: $4.64
  • Add a Topper: 85¢ ea.
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A Concrete is a thick, shake-like blend of Vanilla or Chocolate custard and your choice of Mix-Ins (first Mix-In Complementary)

  • Regular: $5.19
    • Additional Mix-In or Nuts: 85¢ ea.
    • Malt: 55¢
  • Mini (Half): $3.90
    • Additional Mix-In or Nuts: 50¢ ea.
    • Malt: 40¢

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Fresh Custard (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Flavor of the Day) with your choice of toppings and nuts. Ask for a free cherry on top!

  • Regular: $4.20
  • Super: $5.75
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The Smoothest Stuff Around!

Neilsen's Frozen Custard is made by a patented process that results in a premium frozen dessert with less fat than a typical ice cream.